We're usually the youngest guys on set.

But there's a catch! We have over 15 years of combined experience in cinematography and remote control aviation. Get to know our team key members.

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Lukas Malakauskas

For the past 8 years Lukas has been an active part of the model aviation industry. Lukas was building drones and airplanes out of his garage. He is currently an LBONA (Lithuanian drone association) member and contributes to Lithuania's industry by providing a top notch service with BDS.  

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Matas Jankauskas

Matas has been the drone kid since 2010. Back then he started an aerial photography business in Florida, later moving the concept to Lithuania. Mat's early beginnings are marked by milestones such as a first ever aerial photo on the official GoPro camera page (2011). 


The story

Lukas and Matas were actually classmates before Matas moved to Florida with his family. Although they did not spend much time together while in school, they both were on a similar path of model aviation. During this period Lukas was already fully commited to the hobby while Matas was building an aerial photography brand "Close Up Aerial", which focused on providing real estate pictures for Florida's brokers. After a couple of years Matas moved back to Lithuania and met up with Lukas to fly some model airplanes. Since then both are inseperable temmates with a single goal- to be the best aerial cinematographers in the region. Both make a great duo- Matas takes care of the business side while Lukas is the guru of electronics. They believe that with hard work and serious commitment a unmatched quality service is possible. 

Both Lukas and Matas were recently awarded a national flag from the president of Lithuania for achievements in the drone industry. Read more here.


About Baltic Drone Services

A simple idea brought to life. BDS is a high-end branch of ViršVisko group. ViršVisko is currently Lithuanias largest aerial media provider, covering tourism and fine art sectors of the country. With a biggest national following on social media and an increasing demand to shoot on set it was clear that a seperate branch must be created, thus the birth of BDS. Our company's goals are very simple- to do one thing and do it well. We are happy to say that our work has been featured on channels like NBC, National Geographic and many others. It's the little things like these that move us forward in giant leaps. 

Why choose us? 

First of all- we're young. That means we're receptive to new trends and methods of aerial cinematography. Secondly, since we have accumulated this much inventory and clients by now- it must mean that we're doing something right. Something that you should try for yourself. Thirdly- you're directly supporting our futures in the ever expanding, competetive market. It has always been our goal to be the best and every project gives us a chance to prove that.